"The Joy of Painting" was a television series that originally aired in 1983 and was hosted by American artist Bob Ross and ran for a whopping 31 seasons. 

It wasn't just Bob's unique painting skills that captivated us, it was also his kind, soft-spoken voice and positive attitude that still resonates to this day. He's an inspiration to many around the globe. 

Here's a list of prompts (from my upcoming collaborations) so you can paint along with us!

When does it start/end?
Starts July 1, Ends July 31

What to do?
Use the photos below as your inspiration and create your own version! Share them on Instagram on the dates given below. 
Tag me in your post so I will see it & use
#laurasbeatingthedeviloutofit I'll share your posts in my stories!

Who can participate?


How many of the prompts can you paint?
All of them!! I'll share them all! Please post them on the date given below!

Are there restrictions?
Nope. Use any medium you want, any style, etc. You do not have to have an "art" account and it does not have to be public - but if your account is private, I won't see your post so you'll need to DM me.

Can you replicate the exact painting (and sell it)?
Yes, but if you wish to participate in this challenge, the answer is no.
I reached out to Bob Ross Inc. about replicating his artwork and this is the response I received:


I advise you to just use his painting as an inspiration and create your OWN version of it. Change some colors, the style, re-arrange the scenery, etc. Make it your own :) 

If you have any other questions, send me a DM!

The quality of these photos aren't that great, but I tried to find the best ones I could! I can't wait to see what you create!