Instagram Bootcamp

For Artists

Are you an Artist that is struggling to grow your Instagram account?

Feeling lost? Confused? Invisible?

Instagram has so much potential for artists just like you. With the right tools and strategies, you can unlock incredible value. You deserve so much more exposure than what you're receiving so I have carefully crafted a self-paced, online training course that shows you how to get that exposure by building trust with REAL PEOPLE that are actually interested in your content. 

You wouldn't be here if you weren't frustrated. Trust me, I was too. I can show you the strategies that I used to grow my account to what it is today. I've gained sponsorships & opportunities I only ever dreamed about. And honey.. I'm only getting started! I believe we ALL deserve these opportunities. I genuinely want you to succeed. 

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Who is this for?

Passionate & dedicated artists using Instagram to share artwork

Your level of experience & the type of artwork you make does not matter - I focus on principles & strategies that can be applied to ANY niche.

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What to expect

Attract your ideal audience and make them hit that follow button


Expand your reach with hashtags & use my example sets to get you started!


Write compelling captions with the 20+ examples I provide


Set an IG goal that will ultimately guide you to success 

Establish yourself as a brand & find your OWN path as an artist 


Develop your Visual Identity to set you apart from the sea of other artists on Instagram 

Create content that attracts followers, clients, and even sponsorships


Maximize engagement while building a loyal community 

Learn the DOs & DON'Ts of posting (with photo examples)

Effectively plan, organize, and deliver your content to prevent stress & burnout

I'll teach you the strategies I personally used to grow my account into what it is today

Start getting notifications like this!

As if that's not enough..

You'll also be invited to join a group chat on Instagram (with me & all of the other members of the bootcamp!) where we connect for feedback, support each other, & discuss more tips! I'm constantly adding fresh material to this bootcamp - you'll always know the latest & greatest info!!

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How is this different?

I am an artist, just like you. I started my Instagram from zero, just like you. I struggled for MONTHS.. I felt invisible. Was my art just bad? Why couldn't I reach new people? It was all so annoying! So I educated myself, I took notes, and I experimented until I found strategies that actually worked! The information that I share in my course isn't just the generalized fluff you find when you google 'how to grow your Instagram account'. My information is TARGETED to help artists. I share with you the main strategies I personally used to grow my own Instagram. I give you lots of examples & tell you the specific steps I took. I've laid it all out for you.


The training doesn't stop once you've completed the course. I will continuously coach and support you far beyond the realms of this Bootcamp. I share my Bootcamp members' posts in my IG stories daily, I participate in collaborations, host "Artist Features", etc. Believe me when I say I am dedicated to helping you succeed. 

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What people say



"This program starts from the beginning and makes it super easy to understand how to tailor your brand for your style and how to connect with a meaningful audience. Highly recommend this!"



"I have gained an overwhelming response to my page. I would definitely recommend this course! Her self-paced IG boot camp is undoubtedly the best IG course I've taken!! 10/10 :)"



"Laura is extremely supportive! I’ve seen significant growth in my following in under 2 weeks. I’m so thankful I found the boot camp! Thanks Laura!"



"Not only will you get access to very useful information but also you will open a door to an amazing supportive art community Laura has been building."



"A simple step-by-step manner which helps one navigate complex topics with ease! I highly recommend this training for all artists!"



"I've found Laura's information to be invaluable and I feel good about the investment I made! I highly recommend Laura's bootcamp to anyone!"


"The bootcamp was extremely detailed as to how you can grow your account - from engagement to image it was all there. Definitely recommend it!"



"There was a LOT of information, tips and tricks and they were all helpful, spiced up with video and image examples. Detailed, clear and encouraging!"



"IG is so huge where artists like me can get lost and confused but Laura helped me understand this world better with her personal experiences."



"This works! In this short period of time I have over 3 times as many followers and my engagement went up by so much.... even made some sales!"

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Numbers don't lie!

Take a look at the outstanding results a few of my Instagram Bootcamp members have seen just one month after completing the course:

Don't waste another minute!